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Premium aroma extracts are the key for genuine flavors.


Aroma Extraction

That's how people say. The flavor and aroma industry knows better, however. The taste and aroma of a food product or beverage are often the key to its success in the market. Attempting to imitate nature’s amazing ability to create an almost endless variety of smells and tastes is already an immense challenge in itself.

And it is compounded by the fact that the truly essential aroma doesn’t just come from one single substance. It’s usually a large number of different substances (a team, so to speak), that creates that characteristic aroma or flavor we come to appreciate.

We have made it our mission to help recreate these aromas as faithfully and efficiently as possible—using supercritical fluid extraction with carbon dioxide.

What makes this method so special is that it combines optimum extraction yield with zero stress to the feedstock. Our method using supercritically compressed carbon dioxide not only applies in-depth knowledge of chemical and microbiological processes to solving your aroma and flavor challenges—it puts the most advanced process technology to work for you as well.

The standards we abide by:

Natural Raw materials

form the basis of our work, such as spices, nuts, tea, coffee, fruit or even wood (oak). As a general rule, all vegetable components with an aromatic property can be used for extraction purposes; they are also first tested as to their applicability.

All natural liquid carbon dioxide

which meets the highest standards of purity, sets our benchmark for the extraction application. Under gentle process conditions, we dissolve the active ingredients and concentrate them. SFE is also called solvent-free extraction because the CO2 used for extraction ultimately completely vanishes from the extract.

Natural extracts

with an aroma profile identical to that of the raw material leave no margin for error. They are produced without any additives, have an extended shelf life and offer greater flexibility in terms of applications. As a building block for aroma creations, as a top note to round off the overall aroma, or to enhance low-fat foods or beverages—natural extracts fulfill a wide and far from exhaustive range of purposes. And their high concentration allows for any type of scenting or flavoring.

The idea of designer extracts

builds on the unique solvent action of carbon dioxide in isolating individual aroma groups. Here, pressure and temperature can be modulated in such a way as to prompt specific properties. This way, we can isolate the essential oil or just about any taste and smell molecule, or combination thereof.

Our technical facilities and the way they are set up enable us to run the process from initial idea to marketable extract—in one thorough step-by-step and consistent process. It is one of the reasons why some of the world’s leading aroma and flavor specialists have been our customers for so long. In addition to the high quality of the aroma extracts produced in Trostberg/Germany using SFE with carbon dioxide, our customers also appreciate the know-how and approach to service that comes with developing and working together on a solution. We are in a position to handle highly confidential projects under NDAs (non disclosure agreements) and will also support our customers with specific problem-solving tasks.

All our processes and facilities are of course fully compliant with all applicable ordinances and regulations. The advantages of aroma extraction using supercritical fluid extraction with carbon dioxide:

  • Gentle production process, no risk of unwanted, off-flavor components

  • 100% retention of product identity

  • Solvent-free extraction—no process-related solvent residue

  • No restrictions as to use of process or of resulting aromatic extracts

  • Designer extracts—extracts tailored specifically to your needs and specifications

  • Extremely long shelf life

  • High concentrations

  • Clear labeling, enhanced end-product value and image