Raw materials



Not currently. However, Evonik may produce it on a tolling basis per customer request based on volume requirements and raw material availability.


In some cases, the by-products are used as food ingredients as the leftovers from the scCO2 extraction generally possess food grade status.


The extraction process begins with roasted coffee beans (type of bean and degree of roast depend on the product spec). The beans are ground directly before the standardized scCO2-extraction process begins. Upon the completion of the extraction process, there is a final removal of solids (e.g., caffeine, waxes), after which the final flavor extract is complete.


A roasted, cold-pressed oil which is obtained from powder production.


A pressed oil from roasted peanuts obtained from a leading U.S. supplier. Our partner provides the best quality available oil on the market based on its long-term experience and as well as its established relationship with the peanut growers. This raw material stands out due to the high oleic variety.


The source is from Korea, where the utmost expertise regarding sesame flavor can be found.