Supercritical CO2 flavor extract facts




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All of the scCO2 flavor extracts are certified kosher; several are also certified halal.


The supercritical fluid extraction process is certified organic resulting in flavor extracts that are organic-compliant.


Yes. Evonik's flavor extracts have not been gentechnologically modified and have not been treated or brought into contact with any gentechnological material or method before or during the production process.


scCO2 flavor extracts may be used in 95% organic foods as defined in 7 CFR 205. The flavor extracts are not produced using any of the excluded methods as defined in 7 Code of Regulations ("CFR") Section 205.2 and generally pertaining to genetically modified organisms.


No. Although scCO2 is not able to solubilize proteins (the allergen item), it cannot be avoided that protein traces are present in the final flavor extracts. For instance, peanut-CO2-extracts (03-2663 and 03-2663/A/EAC) contain traces that are below 2.5 mg/kg (ppm) as analysed by specific tests.


No stabalizers, added or naturally occurring, are present or needed.


No, just flavor and aroma benefits due to the fact that at dosage level, the nutritional benefits which might be present generally (e.g., tocopheroles or PUFA's ) are too "diluted" to be recognized.


The ethyl alcohol is 100% pure and natural with 98.8% derived from potatoes and 1.2% from fruits (apple/pear).


As scCO2 flavor extracts are "100% FTNS" (from the named source) and are obtained without any organic solvents, they are regarded as a pure natural ingredient from a single source and can be stated as "natural flavor" on labels in NAFTA, the EU and many other countries.


"Total" and "selective" flavor extracts are a perfect demonstration of the adjustable solvent properties of SFE based on pressure and temperature settings. "selective" scCO2 flavor extracts are extracted at lower pressures (below 150 bars), are more concentrated, are comprised of 90% essential oil and more pronounced to the very voltaile top notes. They are mild and perfect for aroma/fragrance applications.


"Total" and "selective" flavor extracts are a perfect demonstration of the adjustable solvent properties of SFE based on pressure and temperature settings. "total" scCO2 flavor extracts are extracted at higher pressures (above 200 bars) and are comprised of 40% essential oil, 30% pungent compounds, and 30% resinoids. Often referred to as "oleo-resins," they are pungent and perfect for savory applications.


Optimal storage conditions include exclusion from air, <10°C, no exposure to light.


A combination of factors including raw material availability, stable raw material quality, acceptable price level, and popularity of flavor type.


scCO2 flavor extracts are truest to the botanical starting material due to the gentle temperatures of the extraction process itself. The technology has the ability to isolate incredibly selective fine fractionation of aroma profiles which deliver a naturalness to flavor formulations.


If kept under optimal storage conditions (see above) the shelf life is at least three years. This is also aided by the gentle process conditions of the scCO2-extraction which do not trigger any degradation reactions and due to the fact that certain natural ingredients, inherent to the extracts themselves, help to prolong the shelf life and thus the quality of the extracts ( e.g., tocopherols, etc).


scCO2 flavor extracts are suitable for vegans, vegetarians, lacto vegetarians, and ovo vegetarians.


Ethyl alcohol is used as a carrier solvent, while ethyl acetate is used as a denaturing (food grade) item. Ethyl acetate is regarded as "other natural flavor" and therefore labeled as "WONF."